You know, most of the time, people tend to write their dissertations in two years; what if there is a possibility that you can write your dissertation in just two months. Of course, you would because you want to get done with the dissertation and concentrate on other things. If you need some dissertation help, do not hesitate to consult your instructors and some online writing websites. This article will give you tips on how to write a good dissertation in just two months. 

The question is, is it possible? Yes. Because you will and can dedicate most of your time to the task at hand. If possible, you can also ask for help from your friends. 

Avoid researching things that you don’t know alone

If you are a student with discipline, you can manage to produce an outline. Ensure you also specify the steps for carrying out your research and make a draft in like six weeks. Now there is something that you have to do for yourself. Set up mini-deadlines for each activity that you will do. And also, note the distractions around you.

How you can begin to write

Now look for the days or decide the days you want to stop doing your research and the day you want to start your work. The next to do is to look for someone competent enough to go through your first draft. It will provide you time like another week to review your work. If you follow these rules, you will be among the people who finish their dissertation in just two months.

  1. Writing your dissertation in two months is something that seems to be out of this world. But I assure you it is possible. So with this in mind. Tell your mind that you can do this. Don’t let your family, friends, neighbors know about this plan. Because their opinions can change the way, you think.
  2. Put down the slots for a time on the left side of the paper. And the next step is to fill in gaps of the slots with everything accomplished task. You can transform it in your to look like a small checklist. When you perform certain tasks from, say, nine o’clock in the morning to ten o’clock in the morning, take a break of fifteen minutes. Then you can proceed from ten-fifteen to eleven o’clock.
  3. Make sure you find out the date to want to begin your work. Mark your calendar and ensure that on that day, you begin doing your work. Please put it in your mind that this is that day I can’t wait for.
  4. Look for a time when you think you will select a suitable topic for your dissertation. It is an essential step because it will give a particular goal that you must follow. 
  5. Create an outline that works. Below are tips that will help you in figuring this step. As soon as you outline, you can now use fifteen days to proofread and write your thesis.
  6. To finish your study in just two months, you need to have a pint where you can look at for you get a piece of information or data. As soon as you research, you will know which results to put. So it will be easier for you to do your research.
  7. After thoroughly doing your work, you will want to relax from that stress by taking walks and having a good time with friends. At least have some time to reward yourself because you have finished your work halfway.
  8. Make sure you allocate at least fifteen days to writing. And let nobody disturb you because you need to reach your goal.
  9. Hire someone reputable to go through your work. And make some changes before you submit.
  10. The final step is to submit your work.


Finishing your work in 2 months is something that someone can do. But you have to maintain a positive mindset when going through this task.