As a student, you will be faced with writing an essay dissertation. In preparation for the submission of your dissertation, you will need to follow some formatting requirements. That is very strict. If you deviate from any of these requirements, it may lead to your dissertation being rejected or a delay in the conferral of your degree due to formatting errors and you might consider seeking for some writing help.

The dissertation language

The dissertation language used is usually English, although when the subject involves a foreign language, they may accept this is written in another language that is not English.

Dissertation Length

When writing a dissertation, you should take notes on how long it is. Most average dissertations range between 100 pages to 300 pages in length. These dissertations should have appropriate sections divided. When you have long dissertations, you might need chapters. You might need main divisions and also subdivisions.

Page and text requirements

The page size is usually 8 1/2 x 11”; it is usually maintained unless there is a musical score. The margins are always at least 1 inch.

  • Spacing

The body text maintains double spacing; footnotes bibliographies block quotations use single spacing within each entry but have double spacing between each entry. When writing the table of contents and a list of tables or listing figures or illustrations, you may use single spacing.

  • Fonts and point size

When writing your thesis, always use a 10-to-12-point size. Ensure that your file is embedded as a PDF so that the character’s medicine plays appropriately. If the fonts you use are not embedded, some of the characters that are not English may not appear as intended. The font is appropriately embedded. It will be shown as a dash. As a student, you have to ensure that your font is appropriately embedded before submitting your work.

The font you use in the body of text in the table’s figures, and the captions should be different. You must use the font used in the headers in the body, the page numbers, and the footnotes. If the tables and figures are from different software, and then you can have an exception of the funds. You should place the tables and figures should be close to where they are. They can be placed either above or below on a page that does not have any text. The headings should always be placed on top of the tables, while the captions should always appear at the bottom of any figure.

  • Pagination

All the pages should contain a number. Play me play limitary pages that are the abstract table of contents, tables, graphs, illustrations, and preface closing bracket should always use small Roman numerals. Arabic numbers should be used for the text’s body, starting as number one on the text’s first page. We also need to note that the page numbers need to be centered throughout the minor scrapes, either at the top or bottom.

Dissertation acceptance certificates

This certificate should always appear on the first page of your dissertation. When doing pagination, this page should not be numbered or accounted for. It will always appear even in the online version when the dissertation is published.

Title page

Every dissertation always begins with the title page; the title should not be too wordy. You should be as concise as possible, and she will always provide an accurate description of the dissertation.

Corporate statement

A copyright notice should always appear on a separate page that follows the title page also should include the symbol of copyright. It will also include the year you did the first publication of the work and the author’s name.


The abstracts usually appear on page three, it is followed, it follows the copyright pages, and she always states the problem describes the methods that will be used and the procedures that will be used. It also gives the main results or the conclusions of additional research.

Table of contents

The dissertation should be divided into different sections, and each dissertation with different sections should have a table of contents with the lists of sections. All the significant headings should follow a particular order.


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